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My name is Arto Teräs and I worked as an application specialist at CSC in various projects during years 2003-2012. Starting from April 2012 I have decided to follow a new path and will not be able to update these pages any more.

My personal site including my current contact information is at

Digital preservation

During 2008-2012 I was working on digital preservation, particularly in the National Digital Library (Kansallinen digitaalinen kirjasto) project led by the Ministry of Education. All the public documents which I contributed to are available on KDK web pages.

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Older stuff

Main involvements at CSC October 2007 - May 2008: Main involvements at CSC October 2003 - June 2006:

Presentations 2004-2007


All the articles are available in html or pdf format on the magazine home pages.



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